November 11th, 2018

Is Remodeling the Right Option For You? William Schrock of Schrock Construction Can Help You Answer That Question!

Is Remodeling the Right Option For You? William Schrock of Schrock Construction Can Help You Answer That Question!

Dale Moore, host of Montana Real Estate Today has been talking quite a bit about remodeling on the show these days. Since inventories can still be a little tight out there some buyers have been opting to buy homes that need a little work to make them perfect for their new owner. That is why we asked one of our favorite contractors in Montana, William Schrock of Schrock Construction, to come on the show this week to talk about remodeling and as always William did not disappoint us, he gave all of our listeners some fantastic advice. “One of the most important things you want to consider before you remodel is what is the value of the homes in the neighborhood that you are in? You do not want to put too much money in your remodel project. That can cause real problems if you want to sell it in the future as you will have to price it higher than what someone would typically want to pay for a home in that neighborhood. You never want to end up having the most expensive home in the neighborhood unless you are sure that you will want to live there for a very long time.” William said.

William went on to talk about things you should look for before you buy a home and also suggested you talk to a contractor like him about what you are thinking you want to do to a home before you buy it. “Most contractors including myself are happy to come out and take a look at the home you are interested in before you buy it. That way you can show them some of the things you are thinking you want to change in the home. This allows them to give you an idea of what that might cost so you will know if what you are thinking you want to change is going to even make sense before you end up buying it.” William suggested.

William and Dale also talked a bit about new construction and discussed the differences of building on a vacant lot somewhere and building in a planned community. “I really like the idea of planned communities as then you know what the community will always be since there are covenants that everyone has to follow. That way you know that there will never be something wild and strange built next to you.” Dale said. “That’s true Dale, but it really depends on what you want to do with your new home. Some folks don’t want to have any rules and want to do whatever they want, and others love the idea of knowing exactly what the neighborhood will be. That is the great thing about Montana, we have lots of choices in places you can build your dream home.” William offered. William went on to talk about a couple of developments that he is working on that sounded wonderful. In fact, on one of the Property Center features, that we always do twice per program each week, K.C. our Property Center reporter, actually featured a couple properties located in one of William’s developments during the show!

As always William was full of great information that made this a very informative show. If you missed the show be sure and click on the “Listen to Past Shows” button above and give it a listen, especially if you are even thinking about remodeling a home. You will be very glad you did. If you would like to learn more about William Schrock and Schrock Construction just CLICK HERE. There you can see some of the homes that William and his great staff have built, get contact info for William and you can learn about the communities that William has created, plus a lot more! Thanks William Schrock for coming on the show again and giving us such great advice!

November 4th, 2018

Meet Jason Rice of Territorial Landworks, Montana's Top Problem Solver and Dream Catcher in the Real Estate Industry.

Meet Jason Rice of Territorial Landworks, Montana's Top Problem Solver and Dream Catcher in the Real Estate Industry.

Jason Rice from Territorial Landworks Joined the host of the Montana Real Estate Today radio show, Dale Moore, and gave him and our listeners some of the most valuable information they could ever receive. Territorial Landworks is a Civil Engineering, Surveying, and Land Use Consulting company specializing in public and private sector land use and community development projects throughout Montana, Eastern Washington, and Western North Dakota, with offices located in Missoula, Kalispell and Billings, Montana. They are considered one of the premier companies in their industry and we were lucky to get one of the founders of the company, Jason Rice, on the show to answer the most asked questions that we get emailed to us by our listeners.

During the hour-long show Jason and Dale talked about everything from how to locate your property boundaries, to solving easement use issues, to land use planning and so much more. The information that Jason gave us was so important since they are some of the least understood by property owners in Montana. "Once they know where to get the answers to these questions it really can allow property owners to dream bigger and allow them to get the most value out of the property they own" Jason explained. "This is also true for the those that are considering buying property as well. It is so important to know what you are really getting before you buy. One of our favorite things we do at Territorial Landworks is to help folks see what is really possible for the property they own or are looking at."

Jason really did shed light on some of the least understood yet vitally important issues in property ownership. If you own any real estate in Montana or are even thinking of owning real estate, you must listen to this show! You can do that by clicking the "Listen to Past Shows" button above. The show should be posted there by midmorning on Monday November 5th. You can also learn more about Territorial Landworks by clicking HERE. While you are there you can also take a look at and learn about some of the projects that Jason and his collogues have worked on recently. You can also give Jason Rice a call at (406) 721-0142. Thank you, Jason, for coming on the show and helping us understand all the ways we can get the most out of the property we own, so we can dream big!

October 28, 2018

Just Bought? Selling? Updating? There Are a Lot of Reasons to Fix Up Your Home. One Thing For Sure is You Are Going To Need Ideas. Meet Dave Prosper. He is Your Idea Man!

Just Bought? Selling? Updating? There Are a Lot of Reasons to Fix Up Your Home. One Thing For Sure is You Are Going To Need Ideas. Meet Dave Prosper. He is Your Idea Man!

Last week on Montana Real Estate Today Host Dale Moore was joined by Dave Prosper from Pierce Flooring and Design. Dave gave us some incredible ideas about how we can fix up our house to turn it into our home. Dave's ideas were just fantastic!

Dave also gave some very interesting history about the company he works for, Pierce Flooring and Design. "The Pierce companies got their start in Billings, Montana back in 1924 when George R. Pierce started selling used cars." Dave said. "He did not call them used cars though. He called them Experienced Automobiles." Dave went on to give us a great history of this long time Montana Company. From it's humble beginnings in Billings, to it's entrance into the flooring business, to the 7 Pierce Flooring and Design stores that exist across Montana today that are still owned by the Pierce family. "The Pierce family has always operated under the highest degree of integrity and concern for consumers and employees alike." Dave explained.

Dave then went on to give some great ideas of how we can fix up our homes by going through the average Montana home, room by room. He also talked about several new flooring products that are out now that could work great in those rooms, from waterproof flooring to a vinyl flooring that looks like real wood or tile! "Most folks will look at those new vinyl products and say, "Wow what kind of wood or tile is that? It is just beautiful!" never knowing that it is not wood or ceramic tile at all" Dave explained. From the kitchen to bathrooms to the living room and beyond he gave us ideas for just about every remodeling budget. Dave also talked a bit about some ways you can economically fix your house up so you can get top dollar when you sell it.

If you have just bought a house and want to make it your home, are about to buy a house, or are thinking of selling your home this show is without a doubt for you! If you missed the show last Sunday on your local radio station, you can listen to it right now by clicking the "Listen to Past Shows" button above. You can also get a lot more information about Pierce Flooring and Design and find a store near you by clicking HERE. Dave also said that he is happy to talk to any of you to help you with your upcoming remodeling project by calling him at (406) 543-8224. Thanks Dave Prosper for coming on the show and giving Montana your fantastic remodeling ideas!

October 21, 2018

Buying a Home Can Be Quite a Journey and If You Are Not Careful It Can Turn into a Financially Deadly One? Meet Your Home Buying Sherpa, Beckie Peterson!

Buying a Home Can Be Quite a Journey and If You Are Not Careful It Can Turn into a Financially Deadly One? Meet Your Home Buying Sherpa, Beckie Peterson!

On the Montana Real Estate Today radio show we have talked a lot about buying homes, but never in as much detail as last week when Beckie Peterson joined host Dale Moore on the show. Beckie went into incredible detail on how to approach this process to make it as smooth and trouble free as possible. If you are thinking about buying a home, you just have to listen to this show! Beckie has a very diverse background that has molded her into one of the best Buyer's Agents in Montana. She is known for her excellent service to her clients and for being a master negotiator. Thus, Beckie was a perfect person to discuss this all-important topic.

Show host Dale Moore started the show by asking Beckie about the current market conditions and whether or not it is a good time to even try to buy a house. Beckie said, "Actually it is an excellent time to buy a house in Montana right now. There are more and more homes coming on the market and the economy is doing better in Montana. That means many folks are more financially secure and they will have a decent selection of homes to choose from."

Beckie went through all the things we need to do before we even start to look for homes. Her advice was detailed and excellent. For example, Beckie gave some advice on how to consider the amount of debt that we are able to handle comfortably. She also talked about several other steps to take before we go out and start looking for a home, such as, how to research neighborhoods, how to decide the size of home to look for, as well as other important steps to take before we get started.

Dale then asked her, "So we hear the term "Buyer's Agent" in the real estate business. What is that?" Beckie responded, "A Buyer's Agent" is a real estate agent that represents the buyer in the home buying process. It is vital to choose the right one for you. It is never a good idea to just use the agent that is representing the seller of the home you might want to buy. The Seller's Agent, though bound to the ethical standards that all Realtors must follow, are focused on protecting the seller and thus don't really focus on what the buyer needs or whether or not they are getting a deal that is good for them. You need to have someone in the deal that is in it just for you" She even went on to tell us how to select the right Buyer's Agent for us!

Folks, this show is so important to hear if you are thinking about buying a home. If you did not hear it on your local radio station be sure and click on the "Listen to Past Shows" button above and give it a listen. Beckie Peterson also graciously offered to make herself available to any of our listeners that would like to get more information about how to approach the home buying process no matter where you live in Montana. You can call her on her cell phone at (406) 829-6003 or you can email her at You can also read more about Beckie by clicking HERE

Thanks, Beckie Peterson for being our Sherpa to guide us through the journey of buying a home!

October 14, 2018

Myles Link From Opportunity Bank Updates Us on Interest Rates, Montana's Real Estate Market and How to Help Your Kids Get a Home of Their Own!

Myles Link From Opportunity Bank Updates Us on Interest Rates, Montana's Real Estate Market and How to Help Your Kids Get a Home of Their Own!

On last Sunday's show Myles Link from Opportunity Bank came on the show with Host Dale Moore and gave some great information that will for sure help you to not only help plan for your next real estate loan, but also will help you help your kids!

Dale and Myles started off by discussing the real estate market in Montana. Since Myles and the rest of the great Mortgage specialists at Opportunity Bank deal with so many Realtors all across Montana he has a very good feel for how the market is doing and what trends are happening in our state. "The real estate market is still very healthy in Montana, but we are seeing it start to balance out a bit" Myles explained. "For a long time now, we have experienced a low inventory of available homes across most Montana markets, but we are seeing more homes coming on the market now and that is helping to stabilize prices which is good for buyers." Dale agreed and added "Actually that is good for everyone as now we have a market that has moved the fisherman (people that are just seeing how high of a price they can get) out of the market, so we are seeing more realistic prices which brings more realistic buyers and sellers to the market."

Myles also told us where mortgage interest rates are right now and gave us a little idea of where he sees them going. Another great piece of information he gave was an explanation of why interest rates go up or down. Something many of us don't really understand.

Another great discussion that Myles and Dale had was about how parents can help their kids buy a house. "All parents want the best for their kids and many do want to help them buy a home. What are the best options out there for them right now Myles?" Dale asked. "There are a few good ones that I will explain but first I want to encourage parents to talk to their kids about debt and how they need to deal with that in their life. There are classes and other information out there that can help their kids approach debt the right way and how to build their credit." Myles explained. He then went on to talk about some great ways that parents can give their kids some assistance in actually buying a home, from cosigning, to down payment assistance and how to do that the right way.

This show is chocked full of great information so be sure and click on the "Listen to Past Shows" button above to listen to last week's show. We learned a lot on the show from Myles Link and you can even learn more by calling Myles at (406) 203-4310 or email him at If you would like to learn more about Myles and Opportunity Mortgage you can also click here ( Remember even if you do not have an Opportunity Bank in your town you can still use their incredible services so be sure and go their web page or give Myles a call before you decide on where you are going to get a loan.

Is the Real Estate You Are Selling Getting the Exposure it Needs? Meet Radd Icenoggle. He Can Help You Get the Picture!

Is the Real Estate You Are Selling Getting the Exposure it Needs? Meet Radd Icenoggle. He Can Help You Get the Picture!

Last Sunday Radd Icenoggle owner of HoppdMedia joined the host of the Montana Real Estate Today radio show, Dale Moore, on the weekly radio show to talk about real estate photography and videos. Radd and his company HoppdMedia specializes in photographing and videoing real estate that is for sale. He is considered one of the top real estate photographers in the country. Radd gave Dale and all the listeners of the Montana Real Estate Today radio show some great advice on how get their property photographed and videoed the right way, so they can get the maximum interest in the real estate that they have for sale.

When the show began show host Dale Moore started off by making a great point, "Everyday in Montana there are thousands and thousands of properties for sale in Montana. The key to whether or not your property will sell is quite simple. Is it getting noticed by the right potential buyers?" Dale continued "Who do you have photographing and videoing your property? There is a huge difference between a pro doing it and your Realtor coming out and snapping a few photos with their cell phone. Even though your Realtor is usually paying for the photos and video of the property you have for sale, you the seller, do have a choice on who should do that, and that choice can make all the difference." Radd agreed by saying, "That is true Dale, in fact if someone uses the words "snap a few photos" it is time to walk away! Seriously though, in today's world it is vital to get your property noticed and there are for sure right and wrong ways of doing that. Over and over my experience has shown me that the amount of time it takes to sell your property will, without a doubt, be shortened by using the right photos and video."

Radd went on to talk about all kinds of techniques that should be used to get the right pictures and video of your property, so it will get noticed by potential buyers. He also talked a lot about different ways to use those photos and videos on the internet through social media and other advertising platforms that can make a huge difference.

This show is a "must listen" if you are going to be selling any real estate now or in the future. To hear the show, click on the "Listen to Past Shows" button above. You can also click Here ( to learn more about Radd Icenoggle and HoppdMedia. There you can also view many of the photos and videos that Radd has created. Thanks, Radd Icenoggle of HoppdMedia for helping us "get the picture" when it comes to marketing our real estate the right way!

September 30th, 2018

Are You Getting Ready to Move? You Are Not Ready Until You Talk to Two Guys & a Truck!

Are You Getting Ready to Move? You Are Not Ready Until You Talk to Two Guys & a Truck!

Last Sunday on September 30th, Gisele Bright and Devin O'Neill joined Montana Real Estate Today show host Dale Moore to give listeners some great advice on how to move in a much better way. On the show they talked about all kinds of things from how to plan your move to how to save money doing it.

It seems no matter who you are or how many times you have done it, moving can be a stressful and frustrating thing to do. Devin and Gisele however gave us some great advice that no doubt will change that for all of your listeners when they make a move again. "Taking a little time to do some planning can dramatically reduce the stress and potential problems with moving." Said Gisele Bright, head of Marketing and Operations at Two Men and a Truck Missoula. "We have posted a ton of great information right on our website that will help you do that." "Boy you are not kidding" Show host Dale Moore commented. They were talking about all the great information that can be found on Frequently Asked Questions page on the website.

On that page and on the show last Sunday Gisele and Devin, who owns the Two Men and a Truck franchise in Missoula, MT with his wife Rosita, answered questions like; How do I pick the right mover? What is the most efficient way to pack a house? What should I keep with me on moving day? And many more questions that really did break down planning a move into a very organized and simple process. Devin also talked about why he is proud to recommend his company to anyone that is making a move. "We are known as the Movers Who Care for reason." He said. "The folks that work for us are not just some random laborers that we found. They are highly trained folks that treat your possessions like they are theirs. We are part of a company that has been in the moving business all over the US and even internationally for a very long time and they have very rigid standards that we all must follow. I am very proud of our crew here and proud to be part of the Two Men and a Truck franchise nationwide."

Another very interesting thing we learned is that even though Devin's Two Men and a Truck company is located in Missoula they can help folks anywhere in Montana with a move. Plus that move does not even have to mean that you are moving out of your home. They can even just help you move heavy things around your house, for example, when you need to move things out of a room to clean the carpets or to do some remodeling. All and all we learned a ton, not just about moving, but about moving the right way.

To hear the show with Gisele Bright and Devin O'Neil with Two Men and a Truck you can click on the "Listen to Past Shows" button above. You can also learn more by visiting them on the web Here. There you will get all their contact information and you can get started on getting a quote for your next move. Thanks Gisele and Devin for coming on the show and putting us all at ease about our next move!

May 23, 2018

Let There Be Light, and There Was Light, and It Was Awesome! Drew Mihelish Talks About Lighting Our Homes

Let There Be Light, and There Was Light, and It Was Awesome! Drew Mihelish Talks About Lighting Our Homes

Last Sunday on Montana Real Estate Today Drew Mihelish, owner of Western Montana Lighting stopped by the radio show. Drew gave host Dale Moore and all of our listeners some very cool ideas and great advice about using lighting in our homes.

Western Montana Lighting has been around for over 100 years. Drew bought the company back in 2015. She kept many of the great things that have made this company so special since its beginnings back in 1917, but also expanded the company to not only serve homeowners, designers, contractors and electricians in Western Montana but also those folks all across Montana and actually beyond, as now the company works on projects in other states like Idaho and California to name a few. Drew is a Montana native and grew up in Helena Montana. She left the State for a while, years ago, to get her degree in Interior Architecture and Design Management and later came back to her home State of Montana to be close to her family and the rest is history as they say.

On the show host Dale Moore asked her about her training in the lighting industry, which has exploded with new technology lately. "I did go to school for Interior Architecture and Design but lighting is its own beast I guess you could say" Drew said. "I worked with a man who had been in the lighting industry for 38 years before I took over the business and he told me to saddle in because there was going to be a learning curve of at least 3 years before I could even see the tip of the lighting iceberg and boy he was right!" Of course, now days Drew is a true expert and has assembled a staff of lighting consultants that have the knowledge in all of the latest advances in the lighting industry. Drew even gave us a great example of her knowledge on the show last Sunday by taking us through the average Montana home room by room and gave us some great ideas of how to use all the new lighting technology and techniques!

Drew talked a lot about the new LED lighting and also about the amazing advances of turning a home into a Smart Home and how your home's lighting can tie into that. One interesting note on that is we learned from Drew that turning your home into a Smart Home is really not that expensive at all, which was a nice surprise to hear. Drew said; "Back a few years ago only the Mark Zuckerberg's of the world could afford to put in Smart Home technology as it cost $60,000 to $70,000, but now we have starter kits at Western Montana Lighting for around $300!

Drew also had another great surprise for us and that had to do with pricing of home lighting. "When it comes to dealing with the big box stores as compared to a smaller store with specialized experts like ours, we can actually beat the box stores on price." Drew explained. This is wonderful news because that means you can get all the advantages of working with an expert like Drew or others on her staff, but still pay less than you would at say Home Depot or Lowes!

To hear the entire show with Drew Mihelish from Western Montana Lighting click on the "Listen to Past Shows" button above. To book a consultation with Drew or any of her other experts so you can talk about upgrading the lighting in your existing home or to design a lighting package for a new home click Here and click on "Request a Consultation". Remember you do not have to live in Western Montana to be able to take advantage of their services and great prices. You can live just about anywhere, and they can still do it all for you. If you would like to talk to Drew, you can by calling (406) 543-7166 or email her at Thanks Drew for lighting our show up last Sunday!

September 02, 2018

Moving is Never Easy, But It Can Be Easier. Meet Stefanie Silvan With Caring Transitions

Moving is Never Easy, But It Can Be Easier. Meet Stefanie Silvan With Caring Transitions

Last week on the Montana Real Estate Today Radio Show Stefanie Silvan from Caring Transitions joined host Dale Moore on the show and gave us some information about moving services that many folks probably did not have any idea existed.

On the show well learned that Caring Transitions is an end-to-end, full-service solution especially for those challenging types of moves. Of course, we all know that there capable movers and there are estate sale companies that can help liquidate things you don't want anymore, or just can't take with you, however, when you hire Caring Transitions, you're hiring a company that can handle everything for you with one phone call. You don't have to worry about all the pieces of the puzzle because they help manage that for you. Host of Montana Real Estate Today, Dale Moore said on the show, "Wow! I just had no idea that these kinds of services existed all in one place. This is so cool."

Stefanie and Dale talked about several situations when these services can be so helpful, such as helping seniors transition to a new home which can be extra stressful for the elderly. Stefanie said, "We see it all the time when seniors know that they need to move to a place that will be easier to live in but then realize that it will be impossible to take all the things they have collected over all their years. It can seem like an impossible task to decide what to take and what not to. This can make a stressful time even more stressful and even unhealthy. That is where we come in. We go measure all the rooms in their new home. That way we can help show them what will fit best in their new space and help them work though it and then even sell their possessions that they are not going to keep, and they can use that money to help offset the cost of their move! Then we will even take a picture of how their things were laid out and get as close to duplicating that in their new place, so when they arrive in their new place it feels much more like home."

Stefanie also gave some other examples of how their services can help folks that need to move. For example, when you get that call that your dream job has come true, but you have to move across the country right now! Caring Transitions can handle it all, so you can leave for your new job and they will pack up all your things you want to take, sell what you don't want, move your things and unpack and put it all away so you won't have to take one day off your new job through it all.

Make sure you listen to the show if you missed it by clicking on the "Listen to Past Shows" button above. You will get some great info and good advice. You can also go to Stefanie's Caring Transitions website by clicking here and you will get a bunch of great information or you can call Stefanie at 406-203-0162.

August 26, 2018

You Are Not Powerless in Controlling Your Power Bill! Meet Deb Young With Northwestern Energy

You Are Not Powerless in Controlling Your Power Bill! Meet Deb Young With Northwestern Energy

Last week on the Montana Real Estate Today Radio Show Deb Martin Young from Northwestern Energy joined host Dale Moore on the show and gave us all some fantastic advice. She covered a wide variety of topics dealing with how we use electricity and natural gas in our homes.

One of the main things we learned is that There are 3 primary things that affect energy bills. Deb told us, "They are, the prices of electricity and natural gas, weather, usage goes up in colder winter weather or hotter summer weather, and then how we use energy. The weather is of course beyond our control so how you manage your energy usage can help you better control your energy costs. We all need energy, electricity or natural gas for example, but the choices we make in how we use it has a direct impact on our comfort and our pocketbooks".

Deb talked a lot about the E+ Audit for our homes. She said, "This is a great starting point to manage home energy costs! Tens of thousands of Northwestern Energy customers have taken advantage of this program but there are many we've not yet reached". Host Dale Moore talked about his experience in taking advantage of the E+ Audit and how it really helped him reduce his energy costs in his home. Dale also mentioned the part he loved the most about it which is that it is free to Northwestern Energy customers! Dale said, "I was amazed with the report I got back. It really gave me some great information, from how I was using energy in my home, to what I could do differently to bring those costs down. The folks from Northwestern Energy that came out to my home even wrapped my water heater and the pipes going in and out of it with special insulation for free!"

Deb also talked about how valuable the E+ Audit and report can be for those of us that are selling our home. "It really shows potential buyers that you have done everything you can to make the home they are interested as energy efficient as possible" She said. She went on to talk about how valuable it can be for buyers as well as they can get great information about just how energy efficient a home they are interested in actually is and what they may need to do to make the home more energy efficient after they buy it.

Deb also gave a lot more great information so if you missed the show you should for sure click on the "Listen to Past Shows" button above to listen. You can also click here to get more info on the E+ Audit and while you are there browse around the rest of to learn more about many other things that Northwestern Energy can do for you.

Thanks so much Deb Martin Young for coming on the show and giving us all such great information about energy and real estate!

August 19, 2018

David Brandon from Avatar Realty in Helena Talks About the Perils of Trying to Sell Your Home by Yourself

David Brandon from Avatar Realty in Helena Talks About the Perils of Trying to Sell Your Home by Yourself

We have been seeing this a lot lately in this hot Montana Real Estate Market. Some folks have thought that since homes seem to be selling so quickly they should just sell their home themselves and not use a Realtor so they can save having to pay a Real Estate Commission. Last Sunday David Brandon from Avatar Realty in Helena Montana joined host Dale Moore on the Montana Real Estate Today Radio Show and talked about why this is so often a terrible idea. "Many folks just have no idea what goes into selling a home, from the complexity of the contracts, potential legal liabilities they expose themselves to, as well as the tragedy of leaving money on the table." David said. He went on to say, "A good Realtor basically will pay for themselves and then some." Dale and David went on to talk about many more of the perils and, at times, financially tragic outcomes associated with trying to sell a home without a real estate professional being involved in the transaction. In fact, Dale made a great point when he said "even a great attorney with years and years of experience will not represent themselves in court, even for a minor case, so just like that why risk trying to sell your single biggest asset you own without a professional?"

David is one of the most knowledgeable Relators we know. Before starting Avatar Realty in Helena he was a Real Estate Developer among many other things related to the real estate industry. David also updated us on the Helena real estate market and even told us about a few of his incredible listings he has on the market right now! Hint; if you are an elk hunter and want a deal on your own personal elk hunting grounds you need to hear this show. If you missed it you can click on the "Listen to Past Shows" button above and you will be able to listen to that and all the Montana Real Estate Today shows we have done. Especially if you are even remotely flirting with the idea of trying to sell your home by yourself you absolutely need to listen to last week's show with David Brandon.

If you would like to see David Brandon's listings like the one mentioned above just click here ( and scroll down to his listings. If you have ever thought about buying real estate in or around Helena you will be glad you did.

August 12, 2018

Finally! Home Warranties Explained!  Meet Our Home Warranty Expert, Stacey Berg

Finally! Home Warranties Explained! Meet Our Home Warranty Expert, Stacey Berg

Last week we had a great radio interview with Stacey Berg from American Home Shield (AHS). American Home Shield is THE premiere company in the home warranty business and have been doing it for 45 years. They are known as the founder and leader of the home warranty industry. In fact they have paid out more than $2 billion in claims in the last 5 years alone.
For 10 years, AHS Account Manager Stacey Berg has enjoyed helping her clients discover the value and benefits that AHS Home Protection Plans provide for real estate agents, home buyers, and home sellers. "The most interesting and rewarding part of my job is helping my customers," she told us. "Being a remote representative allows me to be available to my customers when they need me." Of course one of the States Stacey covers remotely from her office in Georgia is our Great State of Montana. Stacey went on to say, "Because I have access to contract information and the capability to place orders for the folks I deal with immediately, I feel the service I have to offer is most valuable."
Before becoming an account manager, Stacey worked as a real estate sales department representative, giving her well-rounded knowledge about AHS products and services, as well as a good foundation for collaborating with real estate professionals and their clients. She holds a bachelor's degree in liberal studies from California State University.
Bottomline, we learned a ton about home warranties from Stacey when she was with us on the show last week. In fact we learned that it is likely that a home warranty will pay for itself and if anything it will give you a lot of piece of mind August 12, 2018 Stacey Berg Account Manager after you buy a home. Stacey also told us about a great idea for sellers. They can get a home warranty and offer it to potential buyers as a value added part of the sale. It can give you that extra edge to get your home sold and can often cover you if the buyer's home inspection finds a problem. Best of all you don't even have to pay for the home warranty until you close the sale!
If you did not get a chance to hear the show be sure and click on the "Listen to Past Shows" button above and give it a listen. If you would like more info about American Home Shield you can click here ( If you are a Realtor and would like information about offering the AHS home warranty to your clients click here ( If you would like to talk to
Stacey Berg more about this you can email her at or call her toll free at (800) 393-3640.
Thanks Stacey for coming on the show and giving us such great information!

July 15th 2018

Meet Montana's Top Ghost Buster! Sean Murphy of Murphy Radon

Meet Montana's Top Ghost Buster! Sean Murphy of Murphy Radon

This week on Montana Real Estate Today we talked to Sean Murphy of Murphy Radon. In a way he is a true Ghost Buster in that he finds and gets rid of tasteless, invisible, Radon gas in homes and other properties in Western Montana and he is super good at it.

Montana unfortunately is one of several states in the U.S. that has the highest levels of Radon gas according to the E.P.A. Thus it is imperative that you know that a house has been tested by an expert like Sean Murphy and is safe before you buy it.

The only way you can find out if you have Radon gas in your home is if you call Sean or someone that knows how to find it like he does. So why should you even worry about something you can't see, smell or taste? Well, that is because next to cigarettes, Radon gas is the leading cause of lung cancer and unfortunately in Montana it is everywhere. Now before you get ready to move to a different state it is harmless as long as the gas can escape out into the atmosphere. The problem with it being in your home is it comes up from the ground into your house and has no where to go and thus makes it's way into your lungs. This is why if you have ever bought a house in Montana there is usually a test done to make sure it is not in the house before you buy it or it will have a certification showing it has been tested.

So what happens if it is in your house, who ya gonna call? That is right you need to call Sean Murphy or someone like him to do what they call mitigation, which means they install equipment that creates reverse pressure so the gas cannot come into your house from the ground and stays put underground. It is some real cool science that Sean from Murphy Radon has gone through all kinds of training to know how to do.

To learn more about Radon, how to get a test done and most importantly how to contact Sean at Murphy Radon you can go to his website at or call or email at, (406) 531-3860 or (406) 531-1717. Sean works mainly in Western Montana but he is happy to help you find someone that knows what they are doing if you live anywhere else in Montana.

Thanks to Sean and to his wife Sabrina who is a Realtor in Missoula, MT for coming by and talking to us on the show. If you missed the show just click on the Listen to Past Shows button at the top of this page and give it a listen. You will be very glad you did!

July 8th 2018

Craig Hartze of Apex Inspections Takes Us to the Apex of Home Inspecting

Craig Hartze of Apex Inspections Takes Us to the Apex of Home Inspecting

This week on Montana Real Estate Today we talked to Craig Hartze of Apex Inspections. Craig gave us some incredible advice about why we all need to get a home inspection before buying a home.

A home inspection is the only way you will know what you are actually buying. Without one you may actually be buying a home full of problems. Craig actually went through the average home room by room and top to bottom on the show and talked about what a good inspector should look for and how they identify potential problems in a home.

Maybe even more importantly, Craig gave some fantastic advice on how to select the right home inspector for you and the home you are buying. You actually have a choice in who inspects the home you are buying and that that choice can make the difference in between just a rubber stamp of approval and actually knowing what exactly you are buying and just what future costs might be waiting for you after you buy the home.

Another great idea that Craig talked about on the show was the idea of sellers getting a inspection done before they put it on the market. Why do that you ask? Well, when you know what problems your home may have before you put it on the market you can actually increase it's value by taking care of those prior to listing it for sale. This also allows you to gain a potential buyers trust by showing them that you and your realtor really know everything about the home you are selling. What a great idea, especially in this competitive home selling market!

We urge everyone to get a home inspection by someone like Craig of Apex Inspections. Another great service that Craig offers is if you are not in his service area he will help you find a inspector in the area the home you are buying is in. So give him a call before you buy and let Craig Hartze of Apex Inspections help you know exactly what you are buying.

Thanks Craig for taking the time to come on Montana Real Estate Today and giving us all such great information and advice! You can visit Apex Inspections website by clicking here. Or just give them a call at (406) 580-4708.

June 10th, 2018

Meet John Medlinger of Superior Hardwoods of Montana!  Your Hardwood Guru.

Meet John Medlinger of Superior Hardwoods of Montana! Your Hardwood Guru.

This week on Montana Real Estate Today John Medlinger of Superior Hardwoods of Montana joined us for a fascinating look at the use of hardwoods in your home. John has become what we like to call our "Hardwood Guru" and once you meet him you will be calling him your "Hardwood Guru" too! You will not find anyone in Montana that knows more about hardwoods and how to use them in your home, or for that matter, even in your rental properties, than John Medlinger!

John's love for wood began in the upper peninsula of Michigan about 2-3 miles from Lake Superior. That is where John cut and logged hardwoods off of his family's property and had it sawed into lumber and then shipped to Montana.

In 1977 he founded Superior Hardwoods of Montana, which became the first wholesale hardwood lumber company to serve the Treasure State. The business continued to grow and develop into a destination for wood enthusiasts. In 1990 John expanded his interests in wood to include antique and reclaimed material. John is truly a pioneer in the reclaimed movement, sparking interest and appreciation for turn-of-the-century building material that formerly had gone unnoticed and often was destroyed. With John's vision the beams and lumber harvested from these beautiful structures live and now Superior Hardwoods of Montana is home to 11 acres of this distinct and unique reclaimed materials.

The operations also include a 10,000 square foot warehouse full of exotic and domestic lumber as well as over 100,000 square feet of flooring. In addition there is a 4,000 square foot millwork shop where custom cutting and flooring options are created.

To this day John remains passionate and dedicated to making Superior Hardwoods the best company possible as the company heads into the future continuing to serve customers with the most complete care anywhere. John's son Cory has also joined the business and together they now serve customers all across the State of Montana and beyond. You can lean more about Superior Hardwoods of Montana by clinking here You can also see some of the incredible places that have used the stunning products that John and his team create and sell by clicking here

John resides in Missoula with his lovely wife, Jan, and faithful canine companion, Marlee and continues to be a discerning wood collector. Thank you John for coming on the show this week and for sharing your incredible knowledge with all of our listeners. We can't wait to have you on the show again soon! Oh, and also thanks for becoming our and now all of Montana's "Hardwood Guru".

June 3rd, 2018

Avatar Realty In Helena Joins Montana Real Estate Today

Avatar Realty In Helena Joins Montana Real Estate Today

All of us here at Montana Real Estate Today would like to welcome David Brandon and Avatar Realty to our team! Avatar Realty is an incredible real estate company based in Helena, Montana. They are our latest "Local Experts" for the show and will cover the greater Helena real estate market for all of our listeners in the the Helena Area.

David Brandon is the founder of Avatar Realty. He is a fourth generation Montanan from the Helena area, raised on a Dairy farm near Craig, Montana along the Missouri River. David is a Capital High School Grad and after a year at the University of Montana, he joined the Navy to see the world. Though he loved his 10 years of service in the Navy discovering the world, he also discovered he missed the mountains, valleys and lakes of the Big Sky Country. David moved back to Helena, and started a construction and real estate development company that operated in five Montana counties, and developed 30 projects, including development and construction of three 100-plus room hotels, storage units, retail, commercial and industrial facilities. He now uses all that incredible knowledge and experience to serve his clients and to help his other agents at Avatar Realty to do the same.

Besides David, there are 7 other real estate agents at Avatar Realty and David is looking to hire up to 3 more. "I don't mind if folks that apply don't have experience as a real estate agent, I am more than happy to train them", Brandon said. "I am just looking for enthusiastic individuals who are known for the their honesty and integrity, because those qualities make up the foundation of any good agent".

While on the show this Sunday David talked a lot about the Helena Montana real estate market and told us about a few of Avatar Realty's listings among other things. If you would like to learn more about David Brandon, his agents as well as all the great properties they have for sale just click here, or you can email them at or simply call them at (406) 449-7804.

Again, welcome aboard David and agents at Avatar Realty in Helena, Montana our latest Local Experts to join us here at Montana Real Estate Today.

May 13th, 2018

Three Decades of Building Dreams.

Three Decades of Building Dreams.

Last Sunday on Montana Real Estate Today William Schrock of Schrock Construction stopped by the radio show. Willian gave us a behind the scenes look at the business of building dream homes. He gave us a ton if incredible advice on topics like, How to Find the Right Contractor, What Are the Costs of Building a Home, Getting a Construction Loan, and much, much more. No doubt this show basically put many listeners on the road to building their own new dream home. He also gave some great advice about remodeling by helping host Dale Moore answer some listener emails that were asking about that topic as well as others, right during the show! Now that's a full service contractor.

William has been building dreams for over three decades. Successful in business, family and faith, we really were able to get a great peek into his secrets to success which mainly was a simple process of getting to know his clients and listening to their wants, needs and desires. He then works closely with then to turn those into a reality that lasts a lifetime! Well he made it sound simple but in reality we know that process takes a great deal of hard work and a total dedication to the folks he builds homes for.

His company, Schrock Construction also builds many other structures besides homes, from large commercial projects like airplane hangers to all types of buildings for businesses all across Montana. Click here to see some of those and of course you for sure need to take a look at some of the wonderful homes William and his great crew have built by clicking here. If you missed the show last Sunday on your favorite radio station with William Schrock be sure and click on "Listen to Past Shows" button on this page to hear the show. Also if you would like to ask William any questions just click on the "Contact Us" button and ask away.

April 8th, 2018

Who is The Man Who Likely Knows the Most About Farm and Ranch Land in Montana? Well We Found Him! Meet Bill Bahny of Bill Bahny & Associates

Who is The Man Who Likely Knows the Most About Farm and Ranch Land in Montana? Well We Found Him! Meet Bill Bahny of Bill Bahny & Associates

Last Sunday on Montana Real Estate Today we learned a tremendous amount about the farm and ranch real estate market from our Local Expert Bill Bahny of Bill Bahny & Associates in Helen, MT. Now even though Bill is based in Helena he deals with farm and ranch real estate all across Montana.

Bill is just flat a wealth of knowledge when it comes to farm and ranch land, whether you are talking about a 20 acre little farm for the family to have fun with or a 60,000 acre spread that is so big it would take you days and days to walk across. We barely scratched the surface of all Bill knows on the one hour show and we can't wait to have him back to tell us more about one of the most fascinating parts of Montana's incredible real estate industry. It is always an incredible show when we get to talk about the pieces of land that literally have attracted folks to Montana for the last 100 years. The farm and ranch industry in Montana has one of the most unique blends of old west charm and high tech innovations that you will ever see and the folks that are buying these places are just as diverse. Click on the "Listen to Past Shows" button on this site to listen to this show if you missed it. The show will be posted there after Sunday April 8th.

If you would like to see some of Bill's unbelievable farm and ranch listings click here and get ready to be amazed! For example the pictures below are a few pages from Bill's brochure on the Cedar Creek Ranch near Wibaux, MT. Just click on either page or here and you can see the whole brochure. This is one of those listings that are hard to imagine with 10,136 deeded acres along with 9,143 acres of BLM, 640 acres State Lease and 640 private lease acres. The land goes farther than the eye can see and all of it is just stunning!

In addition to dealing with farms and ranches all across Montana Bill Bahny and Associates also deals in all types of real estate and services like, residential, commercial, multifamily, property management and much more in the greater Helena Montana area. So if you are wanting to buy or sell real estate around our State's Capital City be sure and give them a call or click here to go to their website and take a look at their listings and learn more about Bill Bahny & Associates. Thanks Bill Bahny for spending an hour with us that we will not forget!

March 25th, 2018

Drew Gaertner From McLean, Younkin & Willett, a Top Real Estate Law Firm in Montana Talks About Planning Your Estate

Drew Gaertner From McLean, Younkin & Willett, a Top Real Estate Law Firm in Montana Talks About Planning Your Estate

On last weeks show Drew Gaertner from McLean, Younkin & Willett gave us some great information about planning our estate so that we can pass our assets on to our loved ones the best possible way.

Drew Moore Gaertner is a 5th generation Montanan. She received her undergraduate degree in Communication, with a minor in Sport Management, from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2008 where she graduated with honors and was a member of the national championship women's club soccer team. Drew earned her J.D. from the University of Montana School of Law. During law school, she served as the president of the international legal honor society Phi Delta Phi, worked as a law clerk for the Honorable Ralph B. Kirscher at the United States Bankruptcy Court during her clinical externship, and interned at Milodragovich, Dale & Steinbrenner, P.C. Following law school, Drew earned a Master of Laws in Taxation (LL.M.) from the University of Washington School of Law where she graduated with honors. While earning her LL.M., Drew was awarded the merit based scholarship of UW Tax Scholar and was appointed a Hazelton Fellow to assist law Professor Shannon McCormack in her scholarly work. Drew's practice emphasizes estate planning, probate & trusts, business planning & transactions, taxation, real estate and commercial law. She is admitted to practice before the Montana Supreme Court and the United States District Court of the State of Montana. Drew, her husband and daughter enjoy skiing, camping, and spending time with family and friends.

One of the great quotes from Drew on last week's show was "if you don't have an estate plan, the State of Montana will have one for you and you don't want that one". Drew talked about some the disasters that come from not having a plan that can cause your assets to be held up in probate for 6 months to 2 years causing your loved ones all kinds of hardship. The good news is she gave us all kinds of tips on how to avoid that and pointed all of our listeners in the right direction to create a plan that will help their families long after they are gone. If you want more information you can call Drew at (406) 582-0027 or email her at You can also visit the McLean, Younkin & Willett website by clicking here.

March 11th, 2018

Myles Link From Opportunity Bank Talks About Real Estate Lending in 2018

Myles Link From Opportunity Bank Talks About Real Estate Lending in 2018

On last Sunday's show Myles Link from Opportunity Bank came on the show with Cohost Dale Moore and talked about Real Estate Loans. He gave us some fantastic information on everything from his thoughts about a possible rise in interest rates in Montana, to a great review of all the different types of real estate loans in Montana and a whole lot more. If you missed the show click here and you can hear the show. You might be surprised at all the things you had no idea about when it comes to borrowing money to buy your next home.

One thing that really stood out to us was that now days you can pretty much go through the entire borrowing process with Opportunity Bank online! We thought that was just for the huge out of town banks, but nope, you can do that with an incredible local bank that has been here in Montana since 1922. Opportunity Bank has offices in 12 Montana cities from Big Timber to Great Falls, Helena to Livingston, Missoula to Sheridan, Twin Bridges and many more towns across the state. It has never been easier and best of all you are dealing with someone local so online or in the bank they are right here in Montana to help you.

Myles also told us that they can help you even if they don't have a branch in your town so you can tap into their incredible hometown service anywhere in Montana and he explained they can even help you buy that special get away as far away as Arizona. Yes we learned a lot about loans on the show last week and you can even learn more by calling Myles at (406) 203-4310 or email him at If you would like to learn more about Opportunity Mortgage you can also click here.  

February 18th, 2018

Are you wondering how the new tax law is going to affect you? There are lots of rumors and then there are the facts. Gordon Campbell gave us the facts about the new tax law on last weeks Montana Real Estate Today radio show, especially as it relates to buying, selling and getting deductions on your loans and real estate taxes. If you did not hear the show, you NEED to! Click here to listen to the show online. You do not want to miss this show. It will truly give you the info that you need to know!

Gordon Campbell has been a CPA since 1980 and is considered one of the top tax advisors, planners and CPA's in Montana. He gave us some great information on last weeks show. If you have any questions about what we talked about you can click here and send us any questions you have.

If you would like to talk to Gordon about how he can help you with your taxes or help you plan for your future, just go to his website by clicking here. There you can learn about his company, Campbell & Associates, P.C. and get all of his contact information. His company is located in Missoula but he can help you no matter where you live.

Thanks Gordon for coming on the show last Sunday and helping us understand how the new tax law will affect us!

February 11th, 2018

Denise Kelly is our Realtor of the week!

Denise Kelly is our Realtor of the week!

Call her at (406) 299-3500

Denise Kelly was on the show last Sunday from her REMAX Premier office in Butte, MT and as usual she gave us some amazing information about the greater Butte, Montana market. If you missed the show you just have to hear it. You missed a great one. Click the "Listen to Past Shows" button to hear it.

If you are in the market to buy property within Butte, MT and the surrounding areas Denise can help you choose the home that is right for you. Finding the right home is hard but getting the right RE/MAX agent isn't. Denise and her agents have over 15 years of combined experience to help you make an informed decision.

When it comes to selling your property, there are few better than Denise Kelly and her team. She will market your home using the most up-to-date technology and social media techniques including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google and of course the Montana Real Estate Today Radio Show. Plain and simple, Denise works incredibly hard to get the job done and she does it fast. Contact her today for a FREE market analysis. Remember, this is a FREE service provided by Denise and her agents in the REMAX Premier office in Butte, MT.

When purchasing Commercial, Land, Foreclosures and Investment properties in Butte, MT and the surrounding areas without a doubt Denise Kelly should be your first choice. Denise and her REMAX Premier agents in Butte, MT are professional and experienced agents who can guide you through the ins and outs of every purchase.

Check out her site here you will find tons of great information and you can look at some of her incredible listings like the one you will see when you click here. She talked about it on the show and also talked about several others that you will find one her site. Go there now and prepared to be amazed at what you see especially the prices which are lower than most places you will find in the state for the same size and type. Check out her site now at

January 21st, 2018

Richie Pemberton is our Realtor of the week!

Richie Pemberton is our Realtor of the week!

Call Him At (406) 589-5929

All of us here at Montana Real Estate Today want to welcome Richie Pemberton of Windermere Real Estate in

downtown Bozeman as our newest Local Expert! "Real Estate Richie" is your go to guy for everything real estate in the greater Bozeman and Livingston areas. He is a 4th generation Montanan. Raised for the majority of his life in Manhattan, Montana. Richie is in his 4th year of real estate in the Bozeman, Montana area. He very much enjoys the business of helping Buyers and Sellers meet their goals. He just flat loves his job and is excellent at it! Richie is married to his beautiful wife Rachel and they had their first child, Reed, August 2016! Richie and his family enjoy going to church, going to sporting events, hiking, biking and running. He told us that one of his main goals in Real Estate is to create relationships that last a lifetime.

Richie will be on Montana Real Estate Today this week. Tune in and learn more about the Bozeman area real estate market and get Richie's take on what is in store for buyers and sellers in 2018.

Here is some info on one of Richie's great listings. See more by clicking here:

Views, Views and more Views! Remarkable, Springhill Area, Custom Home! Featured in Architectural Digest. Private, and out of town on over an acre, yet less than 5 minutes to Costco and Target. Built by custom home builders, Big Timberworks. The entire second floor is the master suite. Stucco and corrugated steel exteriors on the house and garage. The landscaping comes with numerous trees, a waterfall, small pond and a large rock walkway encompassing the property.

January 07, 2018

Brain Nicodemus is our Realtor of the Week!

Last week on the show Dale talked to Brian Nicodemus from Re/Max Rocky Mountain Real Estate which covers Flathead County Montana. Brian is an incredible Realtor. He was the 2012 & 2015 North West Montana REALTOR of the year! Brian has lived in Northwest Montana since 1989 and he absolutely loves everything it has to offer. From great fishing and rafting to the incredible hiking, biking and skiing. As he puts it, "there is no shortage of adventurous things to do". Brian also said "probably the best part of living here is the people. Friendly, caring people who happily give back to their community!"

Brian gave us some great advice about buying and selling real estate in the new year.

He also talked about some of his amazing listings, like:

17 White Bark Lane, Kalispell, MT 59901

Beautifully appointed 4 bedroom 2.5 bath home in popular Glacier Commons. Vaulted ceilings, Open Floor Plan, some Hardwood flooring and Gas Range with 2 ovens. All bedrooms are on the main floor, including a large master suite with walk in closet and large tub. Large bonus room above garage, nicely Landscaped with underground sprinklers and fenced for your furry friends.

You can see a lot more of this incredible home at

Brian also talked about several other great listings so be sure and take a look at all of them at

You can hear the show that Dale did with Brian Nicodemus by clicking here:

Be sure and give Brian Nicodemus and call and let him help you catch your piece of Northwest Montana!! His number is (406) 250-7311.

December 31,2017

This week on the show Dale and Diane talked about how to decide which home is the right home for you. Dale had mentioned that there are several quizzes on the web that you can take that can help you decide what type of home might be right for you and there are also several articles that you might find to be helpful as well. As Dale said on the show some of these quizzes or articles might be more for fun than helpful and of course none of them are going to be able to determine exactly what is right for you so use your own best judgement before making any final decisions. But for now you may want to click a few of the links below and take a quiz or read the article. If anything they may be fun and give you a few ideas or simply do your own search for ideas or quizzes that can help you find your next home that fits you best.



November 26th, 2017

Down Payment Assistance

Diane and Dale Talk to Dave Glaser From Montana/Idaho CDC About Down Payment Assistance

Last week Dave Glaser came on Montana Real Estate Today Radio Show and talked about, in some ways, a dream come true, the gift of a down payment for your next home! Dave talked all about how you can
get your down payment from his organization and NEVER have to pay them back! Click on the Listen to Past Shows button to hear the show if you missed it or click here to go to the Montana/Idaho CDC website to learn more.

November 19th, 2017


Below is the article that Diane and Dale talked about on the show that aired on 11/19/17. Click this link for more info!

10 Biggest Threats Facing Real Estate

10 Biggest Threats Facing Real Estate

Global uncertainty and political polarization are the top issues facing the housing industry in 2017 and 2018, according to The Counselors of Real Estate's annual list of the Top 10 Issues Affecting Real Estate. The list was compiled using feedback from 1,100 real estate advisers from around the world who met at a recent CRE conference.

Many of the issues are interconnected and reflect disruption in the economy and multiple real estate sectors, says 2017 CRE Chairman Scott Muldavin. "Despite this unsettling environment, opportunity remains embedded in every issue on the list," the CRE report notes. Here are the top 10 issues cited in the report.

1.Political polarization and global uncertainty. "Uncertainty about changes to trade, travel, and immigration policy threaten cross-border investing, hospitality properties, retail, and manufacturing supply chains, among other effects," the report notes. "Rising interest rates and retail inflation will make middle-class homeownership that much more difficult. Longer-term implications could be much more severe, as polarization prevents long-term fixes to issues such as infrastructure, affordable housing, local and state pension liabilities, and education."

2. The technology boom. An unprecedented wave of commercial real estate technology innovations are expected to change the way real estate is bought, sold, and managed. Investments in commercial real estate tech startups hit $2.7 billion in 2016. About 1,600 of these startups now exist worldwide. Robots, big data, autonomous vehicles, and online retail are also expected to have a major impact.

3. Generational disruption. "Boomers' and millennials' divergent views of where they live, work, and play increasingly impact the property markets," the report notes. "The generations are crossing paths everywhere: in the workplace, in housing, and at the local bar and grill, intersecting and sharing spaces despite their often disparate priorities when it comes to the built environment."

4. Retail disruption. "The trend toward transforming retail into 'experiences' continues to develop and is offsetting shrinkage in the physical bricks-and-mortar consumer-goods platform," the report says. "'Experiential' retail drives customer traffic to a more diverse and highly participatory environment targeted to a variety of age groups and interests. This sector has transitioned into a kind of 'Omni Channel'-encompassing e-commerce, reduced or repurposed physical elements, and a host of previously unforeseen spaces, both physical and virtual-with a current emphasis evolved from bricks-and-mortar shopping to the timely, efficient transfer of goods from source to inventory to consumer."

5. Infrastructure investment. The private sector is directing significant funds to infrastructure projects, recognizing the need and long-term rewards of investing in roads, bridges, tunnels, ports, and airports. Investors now oversee $376 billion in U.S. infrastructure dollars. "It is clear that the need for infrastructure investment is critical," the report says. "The movement of goods, which involves everything from ports to airports to warehouses to roads, highways and railroads, is further straining an aging and highly vulnerable interior framework. Add to this the need for pipelines, electricity transmission, and water distribution, and the immediacy of infrastructure needs becomes even more pronounced."

6. Housing disparity. "Safe, decent, affordable housing has been shown to have a stabilizing effect on urban economies, crime, and public health," according to the report. "A current lack of inventory has generated a spike in home prices and, as a result, declining affordability for many home buyers, particularly those in lower-income sectors. A critical disparity exists between housing needs and housing supply." The report cites a growing affordability gap and limited availability of housing in locations with significant job growth, such as major cities and coastal regions.

7. Threats to the middle class. In 2007, the average middle-class income was $57,403. Now it hovers below inflation-adjusted levels from nearly two decades ago at $57,909. These income levels have yet to return to their pre-recession highs, and stagnant income growth will continue to press on the middle class.

8. Emerging role of healthcare in real estate. The nation spends more than $3 trillion each year on healthcare costs-about $10,000 per person-which is double the average for developed countries worldwide. "The real estate industry has emerged as a major player to cost-effectively improve people's health," the report notes. "Building occupants are increasingly demanding that the space they inhabit be designed, constructed, and operated in ways that advance positive health outcomes." A growing focus on healthy buildings is emerging, as people spend about 90 percent of their time indoors. Research from the Mayo Clinic shows that healthcare contributes 20 percent to maintaining people's health, while environmental and behavioral factors account for 40 percent.

9. Immigration. As the Trump administration seeks to enact more restrictive immigration laws, some housing leaders are growing concerned about labor shortages in homebuilding. Demographers note that immigrant groups are a source of household formation. "New immigrants tend to rent, boosting demand for multifamily housing, especially in gateway cities," according to the report. "Recent surveys suggest that immigrant populations aspire to own homes and to move relatively freely from cities to suburbs and back in the search for employment. Labor mobility and homeownership rates will be constrained by limiting immigration."

10. Climate change. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released a report this year that shows sea level rises are expected to more than double from 2013 forecasts-to between 6.6 and 8.6 feet by 2100. "While a potential rise of sea level may seem far in the future, NOAA also estimates that annual frequencies of disruptive and damaging flooding would increase 25-fold with only a 14-inch increase in local sea level rise," according to the report. "Major cities such as Miami, New York, New Orleans, Tampa, and Boston are projected to have the most costly problems, with South Florida and most coastal areas all exposed to differing levels of sea rise risk and cost. The implications of potential sea level rise and related flooding on real estate values is positioned to explode due to dramatic increases in the volume and accessibility of information on the consequences of sea rise."

Source: "Political Polarization, Global Uncertainty Top CRE 2017-2018 Top 10 Issues Affecting Real Estate List," The Counselors of Real Estate (June 14, 2017)